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Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

We are four independent professionals in our own rights.  Strong, experienced, creative, and passionate about the symmetry of gathering people around goals, causes, celebrations, and events.  During a challenging time, where pivoting to changing environments is the collective new normal, we sought to focus on the positive and did what we do best - gathered together.  In blending our experiences and aligning our shared values we put the ideals of our passion and the substance of our net value into action and created a new brand – Experiential Experts .  A brand steeped in as much philosophy and energy as it is in industry history and expertise. With bold vision we consider ourselves architects and designers of professional events; enthusiastically and expertly paving paths with unwavering attention to detail, integrity and trademark excellence.  Incorporating creative innovation, relevant methods, and professional standards into each event, without limitations. We make no distinction between the scope, size or stature of a client, event or project when it comes to our dedication, effort and sincerity.  Our mission is to engage our clients as partners and participate in their needs and goals as if they are our own; taking ownership and accountability for their successful experience; genuinely participating in their objectives.

Navigating the space between idea and realization, goals and outcomes in the spirit of Community is what motivates us.  Especially now when isolating and distance is impacting association and society, we are reminded of how much we all thrive when we can assemble in shared purpose.  Being in community is a fundamental pillar of health, on every level.  Experiential Experts takes this seriously and we are especially positioned to fill this gap with options & services that can resonate with positivity & business continuity.

Core Values

Our core values are the heart of who we are as individuals, and as a team. They are people-centric & the guiding principles of how we operate. Our values are non-negotiable to us & we proudly offer them as our promise.

    elevating purposeful gatherings – socially and professionally

    in every BIG idea and every small detail - beginning to end - always

    sincerity, honesty, diligent work ethic, promises kept - without compromise

    using ours to create yours - designing and delivering expert meetings, events, conferences, celebrations

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